Raipur News: Big game in SNA… loyal to loved ones, upset with strangers… and case rejections are happening fiercely

Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. For the last few months, a big game is going on in the State Nodal Agency of the Health Department. In this game, the state nodal agency is loyal to its own and displeased with strangers. Angry because their selfishness is not being fulfilled from there and from where their selfishness is being fulfilled, loyalty is being fulfilled with full honesty.

It must have happened with you at one time or the other that you would have reached a private hospital and there you would have either been asked for extra money with your card, or would have been told that treatment is not done in the hospital under government schemes.

But this is the compulsion of private hospitals. Because the State Nodal Agency of the Health Department is rejecting the claims of private hospitals by going against the rules. Although this is not happening with everyone, a woman officer of the State Nodal Agency is very loyal to some of her near and dear ones, now even the hospitals whose cases have started getting rejected in large numbers are also asking what is the funda behind passing the file, if they also come to know about this, they will follow that process and keep the officer happy.

However, Mohtarma’s handiwork has come to the fore and a whole team of doctors is now preparing to come forward openly and soon preparations are being made to raise their handiwork at the government level.

Lalluram.com appeals to you that if you have any evidence regarding the misdeeds of the State Nodal Agency, then definitely share it with Lalluram.com. You can share the information on 9329111133 and your name will be kept confidential.

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