Raipur News: Fraud of 8.67 lakhs in the name of getting job of ‘Babu’ in the ministry

Raipur News: Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. The victim had complained to the DGP 9 months ago in the case of cheating for Babu’s job in the ministry. But till now the Raipur police has only been able to record the statement of the victim, while neither an FIR has been registered nor any action has been taken against the accused in this case.

According to the information received by Lalluram.com from the victim, Amit Sharma, resident of Shraddha Vihar police station Tikrapara, allegedly Sanjay Kumar Miri, who runs a consultancy named GPSS. Citing his reach in the ministry, he had talked about getting a job. After which, coming under the guise, the young man gave 8 lakh 67 thousand rupees to the said consultancy operator in several installments. The young man claims that half the money was given in cash and half was transferred to the account.

But when the job was not found, the young man realized that he had been cheated. After this the victim reached the police. When no action was taken from there, he reached the Director General of Police. But after no action was taken there also, on June 12, the victim again reached Raipur SSP with his complaint. From where he is expected to take action against the consultancy operator.

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