Raipur News: SNA is kind to husband’s hospital? There is no flaw in the audit team and their claim itself… rest of the hospitals are worried.

Raipur News: Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. The doctors of private hospitals all over Chhattisgarh are upset because of the rejection of the claim of the government scheme. Under the leadership of Dr. Rakesh Gupta, the IMA team has written a letter to the Director Health Services regarding the deficiencies in the payment of Dr. Khubchand Baghel Health Assistance Scheme and Ayushman Bharat Scheme. But the situation in the health department is such that the pain of the doctors written in this letter has been ignored.

Now some shocking documents have reached Lalluram.com. In which the role of the officer posted in SNA i.e. State Nodal Agency is suspicious for everyone except her husband’s hospital. We are talking about Priyanka Lalwani, Senior Hospital Consultant of SNA, whose husband is Dr. Vinod Lalwani and she is the director of Amritam Hospital located at Pachpedi Naka. Sources reveal that SNA has also placed two doctors of this hospital in the audit team, who are arbitrarily rejecting the claims of other hospitals except their own.

According to sources, the two doctors who have been placed in the audit team include Dr. Nimesh Jain and Dr. Santosh Kumar, who are providing their services at Amritam Hospital.

SNA rejected only 3 cases and the payment is almost complete

According to the documents available with Lalluram.com, Shri Amritam Super Specialty Hospital has filed claims for a total of 618 cases. Its claim amount is Rs 2 crore 15 lakh 53 thousand. Out of this, claims of more than 2 crores have been paid to the hospital in 588 cases, while only 10 cases of the hospital have been rejected by the TPA and 3 cases have been rejected by the State Nodal Agency, in which Priyanka Lalwani, wife of Dr. Vinod Lalwani, director of the hospital, is playing an important role in claim settlement and rejection.

Amritam’s two doctors in the audit team

To understand the claim settlement of this hospital, it is also important to know that two doctors of the same hospital are part of the audit team which has to audit the files of the hospitals, this is the same audit team which is rejecting the files of other hospitals one after the other. In this, Dr. Nimesh Sahu is in the audit team of MD Medicine Department and Dr. Santosh is in the team of Orthopedic Department. The source says that the maximum number of hospitals in Chhattisgarh are worried about the claim being rejected, while the claims of this hospital have hardly been rejected, which is a matter of investigation for the health department.

Rejection against the rules A doctor told on the condition of anonymity that there is no provision for rejection of claims after one year in the MoU signed between the hospital and the department. According to the MoU, there is no provision for rejection after 15 days of file processing.

In this regard, he was called to favor the Director Health Services, but citing his busyness, said to call later.

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