Raipur News: The effect of the news of Lalluram.com, notice will be issued… will take information about the doctors who audit the files, in which hospital they work

Raipur News: Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. The campaign of Lalluram.com has made a big impact. Lalluram.com is continuously campaigning that the staff posted in the State Nodal Agency of the Health Department and the doctors posted in TPA are kind to their own hospitals and cases of other hospitals are being rejected.

Now the health department officials are preparing to issue notice to TPA. Which has been confirmed by JJ Rao in a conversation with Lalluram.com. He said that a notice will be issued for the list of auditors, doctors posted in TPA and information about the hospital in which they are working. He also made it clear that the hospital claims of the family members of all the staff posted in the State Nodal Agency will also be investigated.

A doctor from the auditors team is present in Shree Vignesh Hospital, blocking of 44 lakhs in 3 months, 0 cases rejected and the general ward of the hospital completely empty

One Dr. Nimesh Sahu posted in the auditors team of TPA is posted at Shree Vignesh Hospital in capital Raipur. In the last three months, more than 44 lakhs have been blocked here and neither TPA nor the State Nodal Agency has rejected a single case of this hospital. While the male general ward of the hospital was found completely empty in the investigation of Lalluram and a patient was found admitted in the female general ward.

In fact, Lalluram.com had come to know from sources that Jhari Ram Dhruv, Ganesh Ram Khusro, Moti Bai Khusro, Devki Sahu, Kajal, Kunjilal Diwan, Rambha Bai Devdas and Chainsingh Yadav were admitted in the hospital on 22nd July.

After which when we reached there at 5.30 pm, 1 patient was admitted in general ward and 2 patients were admitted in ICU. After this, the team requested the director of the hospital, Dr. Vikas Sahu, to present his side regarding this information received by Lalluram.

Dr. Vikas Kumar Sahu, while fully supporting the team, claimed that out of all the above mentioned patients Devki, Rambha Bai and Chainsingh are currently admitted in his hospital. He has already discharged the rest by getting his thumb impression attached, but his discharge file has not yet been uploaded and he informed the team that there is a rule of 7 days to upload it. However, out of this, Kunjilal Diwan could not be discharged from the hospital, the doctor said that he had left against medical advice, so his thumb could not be taken.

At the same time, Lalluram’s team also gave this complete information to State Nodal Agency officer GJ Rao, he has assured that he will get the information with Lalluram investigated, after which something can be said right or wrong. Let us tell you that last year’s blocking of this hospital was Rs 21 lakh, this year the blocking of three months is more than Rs 44 lakh and last year also no cases of the said hospital were rejected and neither this year.

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