Raipur News: The girl had gone to the washroom in the AC bogie of the train… then the vendor opened the gate and reached inside, then there was a lot of ruckus in the train

Raipur News: Raipur. There was a fierce commotion in the AC coach of the train going from Udhampur to Durg between Uslapur and Raipur railway stations. There was an uproar between a young woman and the vendor of the train.

According to the information, a girl was traveling in the AC bogie of the train. Meanwhile, she went to the washroom in the train. Meanwhile, a vendor of the train also opened the gate of the washroom and went inside. Seeing the young man inside, the girl turned red in anger and slapped the vendor twice. Meanwhile, many passengers in the train also reached there and TTE was informed about it.

After this, the girl went from AC bogie to another bogie. After a lot of commotion, the girl informed about the molestation by the vendor in the toll free number. By then the train reached Raipur and the GRP took down both the woman and the vendor. Both were interrogated regarding the incident by bringing them to the GRP station.

After which the vendor told that when the girl went to the washroom, she did not lock the door. Meanwhile, when he also opened the door to go to the washroom, it opened and he went inside. He did not know that there was a girl inside. After which the girl slapped him. However, after bringing the police station till the writing of the news, it is not clear whether the girl has complained to the GRP for the FIR or not.

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