Rajasthan Election 2023: 22 Lakh New Voters in the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha Elections

In what promises to be a historic moment for democracy in Rajasthan, a staggering 22 lakh new voters are set to participate in the upcoming Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha elections. With more than 5.26 crore eligible voters in the state, the Election Commission has finalized the voter list for the 2023 Assembly elections. Compared to the 2018 elections, there has been a significant increase of 48,91,545 voters in the state.

Diverse Voter Demographics

The Chief Electoral Officer of the Election Commission, Praveen Gupta, announced that this time around, a whopping 5,26,80,545 voters will exercise their franchise in the Vidhan Sabha elections. Of these, 2,73,58,627 are male voters, while 2,51,79,422 are female voters. The transgender community has 606 voters registered, and there are 77,343 PVTG (Sahariya Tribe) voters.

Notable Surge in Youth Voters

In the 2018 Vidhan Sabha elections, Rajasthan had 4,77,89,000 voters. The number of polling stations in the state has increased from 51,187 to 51,756. This time, there are approximately 2.73 crore young voters aged between 18 and 39. Among them, more than 22.6 lakh are first-time voters, falling in the 18 to 20 age group. Voters between 20 to 29 years old constitute 1.32 crore, while those aged 30 to 39 account for 11.85 crore voters.

Inclusive Voting for Seniors and Sex Workers

The voter list includes 11.78 lakh voters aged 80 years and above, and 17,241 voters aged 100 years and above. This election season, these senior citizens will have the option to cast their votes from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, in compliance with a Supreme Court directive, a separate voter list has been prepared for sex workers. A total of 13,232 sex workers across the state have been included in the voter list.

With Rajasthan gearing up for this massive electoral exercise, the state is poised to witness a record-breaking turnout of voters, including a significant influx of first-time and young voters. The Election Commission is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that the electoral process is inclusive and accessible to all sections of society, including senior citizens and sex workers. As the countdown to the Vidhan Sabha elections begins, all eyes are on Rajasthan as it prepares for this momentous democratic event.

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