Rajasthan Election 2023: Election Commission Sets Rates for Candidate Expenses During Elections

Rajasthan Election 2023: The Election Commission of India is closely monitoring election-related expenses for candidates in five states. They have prepared a rate list for various items and services used during election campaigns, including tea, coffee, samosas, rasgulla, and more. These expenses will be accounted for in the candidates’ campaign budgets.

The Election Commission has also set rates for campaign materials and items used during meetings and rallies. Candidates incur significant expenses during elections, and these rates will serve as a reference for assessing their expenditure.

The move to create this rate list is part of the Election Commission’s efforts to regulate campaign expenditures during elections. Candidates often spend large sums of money during elections, and this list will help in tracking and regulating those expenses.

In the list, the Election Commission has specified rates for various items, such as chairs, tables, flags, banners, and campaign materials. It also includes the prices of food items like tea, coffee, samosas, and rasgullas. Moreover, transportation costs, including the rental charges for cars, buses, tempos, and even drivers’ salaries, have been defined.

The aim is to ensure that candidates adhere to financial regulations during elections and provide transparent reporting of their campaign expenses. Failure to declare campaign expenses accurately can lead to actions taken by the Election Commission, as witnessed in previous cases during the 2018 state assembly elections.

This move reinforces the Election Commission’s commitment to conducting free and fair elections while curbing excessive and unregulated spending by candidates and political parties.

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