Rajeev Khandelwal Has Also Faced Casting Couch Shares His Experience

Rajeev Khandelwal on Casting Couch: Rajeev Khandelwal is a well-known name for TV, film, OTT. He has made his place in everyone’s heart with his brilliant performance and girls are very crazy for him. But you must know that the reality behind the glare of the glamor industry is something else. Casting couch news often comes from the film industry. If you think that this happens only with girls, then it is not so. Boys also have to bear all this.

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Rajeev told in an interview that making a place in the entertainment industry is as difficult for girls as it is for boys. In a conversation with India Today, he said- “Casting couch happens with boys too, but boys don’t talk much about it and it is also that when girls say about casting couch, they are taken more seriously.” . Casting couch has happened with me too, but our society feels that yes, it is okay, he is a boy, he must have managed it.

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Rajeev told that boys come out of such situations quickly. “Boys are made like this. Tomorrow if I have a casting couch… I’ll come back and say, I’ve dealt with it, now I’m back.” However, Rajeev says girls often feel dirty after such experiences. It seems, but it is not so with them. Rajeev said- “I did not feel dirty from inside. In my mind, I abused that person and said- Sorry boss, I am not going to do all this. Men and women have different textures. Although things have changed a lot now.

Rajeev says that if something bad happens to girls then people react more. He said- “People react differently to the casting couch experience of a girl and the casting couch experience of a boy. ,

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