Rajpal Yadav First Wife Karuna Died After Delivering Daughter Jyoti Know How Is Her Relation With Second Wife Radha

Rajpal Yadav First Wife: The personal life of actor Rajpal Yadav, who used to make everyone laugh with his words on the big screen, has been full of difficulties. Rajpal was first married to a girl named Karuna, but she died while giving birth to her first daughter, Jyoti. After this, Rajpal married Canadian girl Radha on June 10, 2003. After marriage, Radha gave birth to two girls, Harshita and Rehanshi.

Rajpal Yadav told in an interview to Lallantop how he overcame the shock of his first wife’s death and how his second wife took care of the whole family.

First wife died at the age of 20
In the interview, he told- when he was 20 years old, his first wife had passed away. At that time, Rajpal was employed in a garment factory and his father got him married. “At that time, if you were a 20-year-old boy with a job, people used to ask you to get married. That’s why my father got me married. My first wife gave birth to a baby girl and she died. I was supposed to meet him the next day, but the next day I was carrying his bier on my shoulder. But because of my mother and sister-in-law, my daughter never felt that she did not have a mother. She has grown up with lots of love.

Rajpal’s first wife Karuna died in 1991. After this, it took 13 years for Rajpal to make a name for himself in the industry. During this, he studied at the National School of Drama and worked in many TV shows and films. In the year 2003, he married Radha.

This is how I met Radha
Referring to his first meeting with Radha, Rajpal said- “I was 31 when I met Radha. I went to shoot The Hero in 2001. There I met him. We got married in the year 2003 with the consent of both the families.

Rajpal told that Radha got mixed up with the family very quickly and in a good way. She told that she also follows the customs of the village. “Believe me, I never asked my wife to wear a saree. The way I talk to my mother, she does the same. He also learned the language. One day when I went to the village, I saw that she was sitting with her face covered. Whenever she goes to the village – Holi or Diwali, no one can tell by looking at her that she knows five languages.

Such is Radha’s relationship with Jyoti
Rajpal told that Radha has also adopted her first daughter Jyoti with great love and both have a very beautiful relationship. “After my mentors, parents, my wife has supported me 100 percent in life. Radha has brought up my first wife’s daughter as her own. Jyoti is in Lucknow today, she has got married. The credit for this goes to my family and Radha.

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