Rakhi Sawant Dating Lucky Singh Was Publicity Stunt The Actress Reacted | Did Rakhi Sawant blow up the news of her dating Lucky Singh for a publicity stunt? actress spoke

Rakhi Sawant On New Love: Rakhi Sawant is called the drama queen of Bollywood. They always remain in the limelight. Recently, Rakhi was in the limelight due to her rift with her husband Adil Durrani. Rakhi had made many allegations against Adil and also talked about getting a divorce. On the other hand, on the last day, the actress also celebrated the finalization of divorce from Adil. She was seen dancing on the road wearing a red outfit. Its video is also becoming quite viral.

There are also reports that her new love Lucky Singh has entered Rakhi’s life. Rakhi and Lucky Singh have now broken the silence on these rumours.

Lucky Singh relationship with What did Rakhi Sawant say on the rumours?
According to a report in Tele Chakkar, in an interview, both of them said that they are just good friends, while talking about being attracted towards Lucky Singh, Rakhi said, “If there is attraction, then what is the problem? To be honest, today’s I am very broken during the period. Adil had troubled me a lot. Imagine he married me only because he wanted to enter ‘Bigg Boss’.

The news of Lucky finding new love was a publicity stunt,
And now, many people have claimed that the news of Rakhi finding new love in Lucky was a publicity stunt. On this, Rakhi said, ‘It will take me a second to do a publicity stunt. Why would I use Lucky Singh for that? The girls are taking off their clothes. Am I shedding clothes? What’s wrong if I earn my bread and butter by telling the truth? I am in Bollywood and doing stunts is my livelihood. No one can stop me. My parents are no more. But I don’t want to do any stunt forever.”

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