Rakhi Sawant Video Viral Drama Queen Shows How To Grow Tomato Amid Rising Price | Watch: Rakhi Sawant planted a plant as soon as tomatoes became expensive, users said

Rakhi Sawant Video: Entertainment queen Rakhi Sawant is known for her bold style. She does not hold back from voicing her opinion on every issue. Because of which she dominates the social media. Rakhi brings laughter on people’s faces because of her unusual style. Ever since the rates of tomatoes are touching the sky, Rakhi’s videos are going viral on this. Distressed by the rising prices of tomatoes, Rakhi has told the technique of growing tomatoes.

A video of Rakhi is going viral in which she is seen planting a tomato plant. In the video, Rakhi puts 4-5 tomatoes in a pot and puts soil over it and plants a plant. Then she gives water to that plant.

Tomatoes will come in 15 days
After planting the plant, Rakhi says that tomatoes will come in 15 days. After that the gardener sitting with Rakhi also says that tomatoes will come in 15 days. This video of Rakhi is becoming very viral on social media.

Users commented
Users are commenting on Rakhi’s video. One user wrote – Don’t waste so many tomatoes, just plant the seeds. While the other wrote – when tomatoes will be 1 rupee per kg. One wrote – Tomato must also be thinking – Brother, now it will have to be cheap, otherwise Rakhi is not going to leave the chase.

waiting for the groom
Recently a video of Rakhi Sawant went viral in which she was seen eagerly demanding a groom. She was breaking an egg on her head in front of paparazzi and saying yes – I get a good groom, I get a good groom.

Talking about the work front, Rakhi Sawant was last seen in Bigg Boss Marathi. Where he entertained people a lot.

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