Rakul Preet Singh Health Effected During I Love You Shooting Actress Could Not Sleep Digest Food Properly | Intense scene had a deep impact on Rakul Preet Singh, told ABP News

Rakul Preet Singh Interview: There are always many questions in the minds of the audience regarding how Bollywood actors shoot the difficult scenes of the film. Many times it is also heard that the effect of the character also falls on the personal life of the actors. Yes this is absolutely true. Recently something similar happened with actress Rakul Preet Singh. His character had such an impact on the actress that her health deteriorated and she had to go to the doctor as well. Rakul shared this memorable anecdote in a special conversation with ABP Live.

Recalling the shooting of the recently released romantic thriller film I Love You, Rakul said, “We were shooting a schedule of 15-20 days which was quite intense. This scene was emotionally draining and after three to four days I stopped sleeping. Although I never have a sleep issue, I can sleep anywhere….so I thought maybe I became very hectic that’s why I could not sleep.

After this, the condition of the actress became such that she started taking medicines. She says, “I could not sleep for two days, so I started taking medicine. Took one first but it didn’t work. Then took two the next day but did not see the effect. Then it happened that I was working 14 hours a day and could not sleep at night and the body became acidic.

During this, the shooting was going on continuously and even the food of the actress was not being digested. Recalling that unforgettable moment of the shoot, Rakul told ABP News, “The situation has become such that one had to eat khichdi as the food was not getting digested. Then I talked to my doctor and he told the real reason.

The doctor told Rakul that his intense role and character was affecting his health. Rakul said, “The doctor told me that because I am shooting with a lot of intensity and my character is in low mode, my body is feeling that I am in trauma.” This happened for the first time with me that the effect of the shoot was on my health.

The actress, who has earlier appeared in films like Doctor Ji, Chhatriwali, said, “The film was shot in Mumbai… But I can say that it was probably the most difficult shoot of my life… Although I enjoyed it. Many also came.

Pavail Gulati and Akshay Oberoi are also with her in this film of Rakul Preet Singh. This film is being streamed on Jio Cinema.

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