Rakul Preet Singh Shared Her Experiences Of Shooting I Love You Revealed Fitness Routine

Rakul Preet Singh Exclusive Interview: Bollywood’s beautiful and talented actress Rakul Preet Singh is in discussion these days about her film ‘I Love You’. Rakul has appeared in a very different style in this romantic thriller film. Rakul also shot an underwater scene of 14-15 hours for this film, that too in the chilling cold. There is a buzz about this too. Rakul Preet Singh has a special conversation with ABP News and has told that it was difficult for her to shoot it. Along with this, the actress who is in discussion for her fitness has also told her workout routine.

There was a lot of buzz about the film because you were underwater for 14-15 hours for the underwater shoot, how was the experience? Before the release of the film, the stars are very tense whether people will like it or not. When Rakul was asked what goes through his mind a day before the release? So the actress said that ‘There is no pressure, there is an excitement. There is excitement to know the review. What kind of response would come, how did people like the work, how was the film. I think there is a nervousness.

Sleepless nights before release? Rakul says on this question,Yes, it comes now. Might not come before the release night. I believe that when the picture is made, shot is done, the edit block is done, then my work is over. It is not going to make any difference whether I take stress or not. The audience has to see what reaction it is going to give.

There is a lot of discussion about the underwater scene in ‘I Love You’, in which Rakul has shot in the cold for about 15 hours in the water. How challenging was it to shoot? Rakul Preet said on this, ‘It was the most difficult shooting of my life. I was in the water from 2 in the afternoon till 4 in the night. One sequence was of day and one of night. When she came out of the water for half an hour, it was not possible that she could dry her clothes, because if she had to go into the water again, she had to remain wet. We shot in January, at that time there was a lot of wind. After every shot, my team was pouring hot water on me so that the bones do not get cold.

What was the preparation for this scene? On this she says,Yes, I had to stay under water for two and a half minutes, the training was given by the scuba instructor. For a few days, that training went on how to hold the breath and stay underwater for a long time.

A few days ago, Rakul shared a video on her social media in which she was seen taking a dip in -15 degrees. Rakul talked to ABP News about this also. She told that she had tried it when she was in Finland. This process is called cryo.

Rakul said,There they take cold water dip and it is quite common for the locals there. They take dip every other day. It is so cold there, the temperature even goes up to -20. Due to this, the health of the body is good, the muscles are quite relaxed. It was very difficult, I myself did it in the third time. Earlier, I had failed twice but when all my friends did it, I also thought that I have to do it too.

Rakul told that it is his endeavor to appear in different roles in every film so that the audience does not get bored. ,Talking about her character in I Love You, the actress said, ‘My character is of Satya who is very loving, caring. But there are also Determine and Strong. which appears in the film. I believe that there should be a truth hidden inside every girl…. who can tell right from right and wrong from wrong.

Why watch a movie? On this Rakul said,The film is a romantic thriller, this kind of genre has not come for a long time. We have seen many such films like Darr, Gupt. I think I Love You is a very fast phase and young film which will keep you glued to the screen, that’s why people must watch it.’

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