Raman Singh retaliated regarding the action on distillers, said – Your government is yours, you are also making allegations, why don’t you investigate?

Raipur. Former Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has retaliated on Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel’s statement regarding action against distillers. He said that the Dau Bhupesh Baghel government is yours and you are also making allegations. Why don’t you check? Do you have the fear that the truth will come out if the investigation is done?

Let us tell you that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had told the media in a discussion on Monday that if liquor box came out from the liquor factory, first action should have been taken against the distillers, but no action was taken against them. In Raman Singh’s government, a policy was made regarding liquor. Provision was made for the sale of liquor through the corporation. What is the relation of Raman Singh with these people. What is Raman Singh’s relation with only 3 distillers, why other distillers were not given a chance. Notice has been issued to the distillers. If there is a decrease in revenue, action will also be taken and recovery will also be done.

On the allegation of the Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh has tweeted today, in which he has questioned why the FIR has not been lodged against the distillers and 21 officers yet? After all, which relationship is coming in between? Your government, your police, you are also making allegations. Why don’t you investigate? He is playing the role of opposition from now, he has to play it after 4 months.

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