Ramanand Sagar Grand Daughter Sakshi Chopra Accuses Netflix Show Social Currency Makers Of Sexual Harassment | Ramanand Sagar’s granddaughter was exploited, Sakshi Chopra narrated the incident by posting, said

Sakshi Chopra On Netflix: Sakshi Chopra, granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, is a social media sensation. She remains in the limelight because of her bold style. Sakshi often keeps raising the temperature of the internet by sharing her bold pictures on her insta. Sakshi Chopra has accused the makers of Netflix’s reality show ‘Social Currency’ of violating her terms.

sakshi chopra showsocial currency Makers accused of exploitation
In a long post, Sakshi shared the details of her experience on the show and alleged that she was not even provided with basic things like food. Sakshi, daughter of Ramanand Sagar’s son Moti Sagar, said that as per her contract, she was allowed to have one daily phone call with her mother but when she tried to expose the show makers’ behavior on the sets, her phone was snatched away. Went. He also accused the makers of forcing him to do uncomfortable tasks.

The makers violated the terms of the contract
Sakshi began her post with a caption that read, “Sexual Harassment, I signed only because my contract promised one call a day. Netflix stalked me for over a year.” Even organized a respect team meeting to assure me that what kind of show it was as I initially refused. I was made numerous calls and messages. I was misled to believe that It’s just a game show with entertainment tasks like singing, content making, no gossip, no drama, just game. They didn’t give us food, not even behind the camera.”

Sakshi accuses makers of mental torture
The 22-year-old actress also accused the makers of mentally torturing her. She further wrote, “…who the fuck makes someone sign a contract and lock them in the house? Just because I’m daring in my choice of clothing, they assume I have nothing to do with this mess.” No problem. I enjoy my music, family, self expression and peace. That’s all I want in my life.

I was very clear that if I do not get a call someday, I will not sign because I cannot live without my mother. So he promised all these things and ignored them after I came. After a contestant, Mridul spoke openly about my breast, so that they record it and play it for everyone to hear. Also tell me and after trusting me just expect a reaction for your rating. For a year it’s just been a game show – what?”

The makers snatched the phone from Sakshi’s hand
Sakshi also alleged that the makers did not even allow her to talk to her mother. They were also keeping an eye on his every call and message. Sakshi said that when I wanted to tell them about all the work and sexual assault, the makers snatched the phone from me and I was not allowed to call. Sakshi further writes that all I could say to her was that please get me out of the show in any way. He further wrote that this is the last time he has participated in such a nonsense show.

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