Ramanand Sagar Ramayan Laxman And Meghnath Fight Episode Made A Guinness Book Of World Record In 2020

Ramayan World Record: Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana has created a special place in every heart. This is the reason why people like it as much today as they used to do in the 90s. When people were imprisoned in homes during the lockdown, it was thought to entertain people by re-telecasting this serial, and when this serial was telecast again on Doordarshan, everyone was surprised to see its craze. Also, during the lockdown, one of its episodes was watched so much that it made a world record.

Amazing craze seen in people
When Ramayana was telecasted for the first time in 1987, people used to stop all their work to watch this serial. The same situation was also seen in the lockdown. When it was telecasted for the second time, people again gave it the same response.

Meghnath and Laxman’s war made world record
Hey, this is not the real war but the war shown in Ramayana is being talked about. When the war between Laxman and Meghnath was shown in the serial, it was seen in most of the houses in India. After which this episode created history and this episode was viewed by 77.7 million i.e. more than 7.7 crore people. Which was a world record. Also, this episode registered its name in the Guinness Book of World Records for the highest viewership.

Sunil Lahiri Laxman and Vijay Arora played the role of Meghnad
All the characters of Ramayana are quite popular. Every artist working in this TV serial became famous with his role. Please tell that Sunil Lahiri played the role of Laxman and Vijay Arora played the role of Ram in Ramayana. Who is now remembered for his iconic role.

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