Ramanand Sagar Ramayan Star Sunil Lahri And Prem Sagar Reviewing And Talking About Prabhas ADIPURUSH

Sunil Lahri Reacted Over Prabah’s Adipurush: A video has surfaced of Prem Sagar, son of Sunil Lahiri and Ramayan’s maker Ramanand Sagar, in which he is reacting to Prabhas’ film ‘Adipurush’. Ramanand Sagar had made the most popular TV series ‘Ramayana’ so far. Now his son Prem Sagar asked Sunil Lahiri, the star of ‘Ramayana’, a direct question whether he had seen this Adipurush of Prabhas? Sunil Lahiri’s reaction on this was very interesting.

Such was the reaction of Sunil Lahiri on Prabhas’ Adipurush, Prem Sagar also laughed
Prem Sagar asks, ‘Well friend, you were saying that you are going to see Adipurush, did you go and see? On this, Sunil Lahiri took a long breath and said in response – Oh don’t ask. On this, Prem laughed and said- Hey, if I don’t ask you then whom will I ask. Then Lahiri replied smilingly – I saw, and I was very disappointed. That’s why Prem came out of Sagar’s mouth – Oh my God.

Sunil Lahiri was seen answering with a smile

Lahiri further said – He has changed the base itself. Look wise, character wise, location wise, even Ravana’s Lanka which was called the golden Lanka was shown black. Can you imagine? Laughing Sunil Lahiri said – It seems that Hanuman ji has already burnt Lanka. He said that even if he had called it fantasy or said that we have taken inspiration from Ramayana, it would have worked. Because he has also given in the disclaimer that based on Ramayana.

He further said that- when you read it, you sit down to watch the film with the mindset that now you will get to see Ramayana. I say, you have no right to change the facts of the texts of any culture.

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