Ramanand Sagar Son Prem Sagar Blast On Prabhas Film Alleged Makers Of Adipurush Tried To Create Marvels Not Ramayan | Ramanand Sagar’s son got angry on Prabhas’s Adipurush, said

Ramanand Sagar Son Comment on Adipurush: Whenever the name of Ramayana comes to mind, only the TV series made by Ramanand Sagar comes in front of the eyes. He made this serial with so much patience and passion that till date small clips of this show are viral by youth on Instagram and other social media platforms.

There were big thoughts about Adipurush worth 600 crores

Now there were speculations about Prabhas’s Adipurush that this film would set an example and the film allegedly made at a cost of 600 crores would show something different. In such a situation, whoever is coming back from theaters after watching this film, his hand is visible on his forehead.

There is a lot of condemnation of the film Adipurush on social media. From the dialogues of the film to the scenes and clothes, people are raising objections. In such a situation, the son of Ramanand Sagar, who made Ramayana, has also commented on Prabhas’ film Adipurush.

Adipurush is getting hate on social media, what did Ramanand Sagar’s son say

People are giving their reactions on Om Raut’s film Adipurush, while Prem Sagar has also expressed his anger on the makers regarding this film. According to Hindustav Live, Prem Sagar said that his father had also taken some liberties to make Ramayana, so that it would look good on TV. But they did disaster with facts only.

Prem Sagar reacted on Hanuman ji’s dialogue

He told that he has not seen the film at the moment, but the way Hanuman ji’s dialogues are – ‘Tel tere baap ka, clothe tere baap ke aur jalegi bhi tere baap ki. ‘ Prem laughs at this and says- Om Raut tried to make Marvels. Papa ji also took creative liberties but he understood Shri Ram of Ramayana very well. He has read many scripts and then introduced the series with some changes but did not tamper with the facts.

Prem further said- ‘Makers should show this film in Breach Candy or Colaba. Do not show it worldwide, do not hurt the sentiments of the people. Eknath and Kritivasi also made Ramayana but they did not change the content, they changed the colours, changed the language but did not change the facts.

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