Ramayan Fame Arun Govil Recalls A Woman Pleated Him To Save Her Dying Son

Arun Govil On Ram Character: Audiences are not liking Prabhas, Kriti Sanon and Saif Ali Khan’s film Adipurush. This film is being trolled from character to dialogue. While Adipurush is being trolled, everyone is missing Ramanand Sagar’s TV show Ramayana. People still remember this show. Arun Govil played the role of Ram in the show. People worship him even today like Lord Rama. In a recent interview, Arun Govil recalled an incident in which he told how a woman had brought her sick child to him and was asking him to save her child.

Arun Govil told in an interview to Zee News that one day during the shooting I had done my makeup and hair but I was sitting in T-shirt and shorts. A woman came on the set and started asking where is Lord Ram. She was crying and very nervous. The crew pointed towards me. He was holding a small child in his hand. She came to me and placed the child at my feet.

I prayed for the baby
Arun Govil further said- That woman said while crying- This child is about to die and pleaded with me to save him. I told them to take the child to the hospital. But I did not understand what happened to me that day, so I prayed for the speedy recovery of that child. That woman raised my hand and placed it on the child’s head. I told them again to take the child to the doctor.

baby recovered
Three days later, the same child who was about to die. He was walking holding the hand of that woman. I didn’t do anything in this but it was that woman’s belief in Lord Ram and mine in Lord Ram. This is our faith and devotion. When people make films on religion, they should have similar faith in God and his devotees.

Arun Govil had also given his reaction regarding the film Adipurush. He told the filmmaker a lot of lies. Not only this, the rest of the co-stars of Arun Govil’s Ramayana have also expressed their displeasure about the film.

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