Ramayan Laxman Reacts Over Adipurush Dialogue Changing Decision By Makers Actor Sunil Lehri Has To Say This On Manoj Muntashir Ann

Ramanand Sagar Ramayan Laxman AKA Sunil Lehri: Laxman i.e. Sunil Lahiri of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana had raised objections regarding the film Adipurush. And now, when the makers of the film Adipurush are getting hate from all sides, the makers have taken a big decision regarding the film. On which Sunil Lahiri gave his reaction. At the same time, he also reacted to the writing of well-known writer Manoj Muntashir.

Question: Manoj Muntashir and T-Series have issued a statement saying that the dialogues of Adipurush will be removed, what is your first reaction on this?

Answer: While making the film, the makers should have taken a careful decision beforehand. After coming under pressure from the people, now if they have decided to remove these dialogues, then it is a good and positive step. It has been decided to remove things that hurt any sensitive Indian from the film, which is a good thing. He has accepted that he made a mistake and is making amends for that mistake. Manoj Muntashir is a very settled person, I have heard many of his videos and audios. At first I could not even believe that Manoj ji would have written such dialogues. Now there is no point in discussing the circumstances and pressure under which such dialogues would have been written by him, but it can definitely be said that it is a welcome step.

Question: There has been a special kind of image in the general public regarding Ramayana. In such a situation, don’t you think that the makers should have done research in advance regarding the kind of dialogues given to all the characters of Ramayana?

Answer: I just said that we should have taken this step earlier and should have done everything carefully. Such things should not have been done with things related to our culture. I don’t know under what pressure it was done, but when people’s opinion came to the fore and there was a debate, a court case happened, then in such a situation, they are trying to improve it, it is a very good step taken in a thoughtful manner. Which I fully welcome.

Question: There is a lot of criticism regarding the nature of all the characters of Ramayana in Adipurush and allegations of twisting the story are also being made, would you like to say something in this regard?

Answer: If the makers had not said that we have made a film based on Ramayana or Valmiki’s Ramayana, then the film would not have been criticized so much. If the makers just say that we are inspired by Ramayana and we are a fantasy based film then maybe people would not be so shocked. It has also been said in the disclaimer that this film is based on the story of Ramayana. In such a situation, when there are characters of Ramayana, there are emotions of Ramayana, they are not seen anywhere in the film. I find the whole story confusing, all the characters seem confused. If I take it apart from Ramayana, I can say that Saif Ali Khan has done a good job.

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