Ramayana TV Show Ram Brother Bharat In Serial Dead By This Diseases Know More Details

Ramanand Sagar Ramayana Bharat: Whoever worked in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana has become immortal on TV forever. One such artist is Sanjay Jog. Sanjay Jog played the role of Bharat, younger brother of Shriram Chandra ji in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. Even today the fans remember him for the role of Bharat. Actor Sanjay Jog made the audience very emotional in every scene of this show. The audience’s tears did not stop in Ram-Bharat Milap. Whenever this show is aired, then people watch this show with the same enthusiasm.

left the world at a young age
We are going to tell you some special things about actor Sanjay Jog, who plays the character of Ram Bhakt Bharat. Sanjay Jog is no more in this world, but he is still immortal for his fans. The actor gave up his life at the age of 40. The TV industry had lost Sanjay Jog due to liver failure. At that time everyone was shocked by the news of his death. The entire TV industry was immersed in grief. The actor left the world on 27 November 1995. It is said that his last moments were full of pain.

Sanjay Jog wanted to become a pilot
This is a very interesting fact about Sanjay Jog that Sanjay wanted to become an Airforce pilot before coming to the acting world, but his parents did not want him to become a pilot. The reason behind this was that he had lost some of his family members in the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. In such a situation, he was very much afraid of the fighting environment.

Leaving everything, my mind was engaged in farming.
In such a situation, he reached Mumbai to do something in life and move forward. Here he did an acting course and then in 1976 he acted in a Marathi film named Sipla. When the film didn’t do well, he decided to go back to Nagpur. The actor had nothing to do after coming here. In such a situation, he started farming.

Then his luck shone and he got a role. This was also a Marathi film Zid in which he got a chance to play the lead role. After this Sanjay did not look back as his career had gained momentum. Then he made his debut in Hindi cinema, after which he worked in several films one after the other.

After this a golden opportunity came in his life when he met Ramanand Sagar. He was offered Ramayana during this time. But it was a TV series. Despite this, Sanjay Jog accepted it. It is said that earlier he got the character of Laxman in the show. But he refused to do it. Later he got the character of Bharat. It is not in everyone’s capability to achieve such a big position at such a young age. Actor Sanjay Jog did this.

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