Ratan Rajput Reveal The Reality Of Swayamvar Shows On Television Here Is The Shocking Truth

Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo Actress Ratan : Ever since the trend of reality shows started on TV, Bigg Boss is the most successful show till date. At the same time, the trend of ‘Swayamvar’ was also revealed in TV, some 4 to 5 seasons of it also came out with different names. From Rahul Mahajan to Mallika Shehrawat and Mika Singh participated in this show and made their show successful. At the same time Ratan Rajput also had a Swayamvar.

Ratan Rajput’s Swayamvar happened on TV
In the year 2011, ‘Ratan Ka Rishta’ started as a reality show on Imagine TV. In such a situation, Ratan Rajput was seen here as a bride. This show was liked among the fans. At the same time, Ratan’s pairing with Abhinav Sharma, who was the winner at that time, was also highly appreciated.

The situation was that it was assumed that now Ratan and Abhinav will be bound in the bond of 7 births after getting married. But later the news came that both of them have separated by mutual consent. In such a situation, the fans of this show were quite shocked whether it was all for TRP? Did Ratan Rajput take money for doing a wedding show? Ratan Rajput has now disclosed about this.

When Ratan signed his swayamvar – ‘Ratan Ka Rishta’
Ratan Rajput has now told what was going on in his mind when he signed the show. According to Aaj Tak, he had to face a lot of loss by doing the Swayamvar show. At the same time, she also told that when she got the offer of this show, she went to Imagine TV’s office, at that time she had no idea about the show.

Ratan Rajput told- ‘I had no idea what would happen in the show, I thought I would be a contestant in the show. I did not know that I have become so big that I will have a Swayamvar. I could not understand, so I took 3 months to make the makers say yes. And he stayed. Because at that time the next birth was going on.

Show Fake or Real? What did Ratan say..
Ratan said- I was single, so I felt that yes, I have to settle down, if someone likes me, then it is okay, my intention was that if I get a good boy, then definitely. Ratan told that it depends on the person with what intention he is doing such shows, then such shows are fake or real. No matter how good I am, but if I think that I want to throw it, I will throw it. But I had no reason to throw it.

Ratan further said that after this Swayamvar everyone said that he has done it for money, he has done it for money. So I say man I am face. Channels and production are earning because of me, so how can I do it for free. I am doing the work, am I not? Getting married is another thing, but the first thing is that if I am a face, I will take money by pressing. After this show, the attitude of the people of the industry changed towards me, for which I felt very sad. He used to say- Hey Ratan has done Swayamvar, now there was a lot ahead for him. Hey those who get married, does their career end?

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