Ravan’s entry in MP politics: MP told Congress Ravan’s party, Congress said – the pot of sins of BJP leaders is full

Amritanshi Joshi, Bhopal. Ravan has now entered the politics of Madhya Pradesh. In this episode, Ratlam MP Guman Singh Damor has described Congress as Ravana’s party. The video during the Maha Sampark Abhiyan is going viral on social media.

In the video, the MP is seen saying that it should be your endeavor that Congress does not enter your village, locality and your home. If they come, don’t let them enter the house. This is Ravana’s party, these people come in disguise and kidnap our mothers and sisters, they should be kept away. Congress is a party of cheaters. They took the Aadhaar and PAN cards of our mothers and sisters, so that they can loot the thousands of rupees that the BJP government has put in.

15 months rule of Congress like Ramrajya

Regarding the statement of MP Damor, Congress Media Vice President Ajay Singh Yadav said that the pot of sins of BJP leaders is full. The fire of Satpura showed that it was as if Ravana’s Lanka had caught fire. BJP leaders are making blatant statements. Entire Madhya Pradesh knows that the 15 months rule of Congress was like Ram Rajya. The public is only getting upset in the BJP government, Congress will teach its leaders a lesson.

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Everyone knows who is Ravana and who is Ram

BJP has also retaliated regarding Damor’s statement and Congress’s allegations. BJP spokesperson Narendra Saluja said that everyone knows who is Ravana and who is Ram. Congress is engaged in cheating women in Nari Samman Yojana. You all know what his real character is. Everyone has seen Sarla Mishra and Tandoor incident and how Congress has always insulted women. Congress should first see its own character and then raise questions on others.

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