Rehman Birthday Guru Dutt Made Him To Take 52 Retakes Some Lesser Known Facts Of The Actor

Rehman Birthday: Rahman’s birthday is on June 23, the actor of great films like Pyar Ki Jeet, Badi Behen, Pardes, Pyaasa. He was born on this day in the year 1921 in the Royal Pashtun Family of Lahore. He had also suffered the pain of partition. Although he was very fast in reading and writing. When the country was divided, Rahman left Pakistan and came to India, while his family remained there. Rehman studied at Jabalpur’s Robertson College and after training joined the Indian Air Force. He used to work as a pilot in the Air Force.

Despite having a good job, his mind was not there. He was fond of acting and to fulfill his hobby, he left his job and left for Mumbai. After reaching there, he worked as a third assistant director with director and writer Vishram Bedekar.

Had to take 52 retakes
Rahman was working in the film Pyaasa with Guru Dutt and Mala Sinha. Guru Dutt was the actor as well as the director of this film. In fact, in one scene of the film, the story was such that Rahman had to suspect Mala Sinha, the actress playing the role of his wife in the film. Rahman was in the negative role in this film. Mala Sinha was in the role of Meena, the girlfriend of hero Guru Dutt. However, she gets married to Rahman.

Guru Dutt was not getting the perfect shot during this scene. That’s why he got 52 retakes done by Rahman and Mala Sinha. In the scene, Rahman had to suspect Mala Sinha’s character i.e. Meena without uttering a single word.

How did you get the first film
The story of getting Rahman’s first film is also interesting. Actually Vishram Bedekar was looking for a Pashtun turban tyer for his film. Rehman was a Pashtun and he also knew how to tie a Pashtun turban. Rahman got his first film just on the basis of excellent looks and loud voice.

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