Rehman Khan Birthday Special Saheb Bibi Aur Ghulam Actor Life Career Death Story Due To Cancer And Alchohol Addiction

Rehman Khan Story: A person who made a place in everyone’s heart with the power of his voice, earned a lot of name, then within no time he got so addicted to drugs that he embraced death. This is the story of the famous actor of the 70s, Rehman Khan. Who started his journey by becoming a pilot, but his acting made him the ‘Saheb’ of Bollywood.Today

Rehman was born in Pakistan
Rehman Khan was born on 23 June 1921 in a Pathan family in Lahore, Pakistan. It is said that the forefathers of the actor belonged to Afghanistan. Gradually, Rehman Khan’s family shifted to Jabalpur and he joined Robinson College for further studies. In those days, Rehman was so educated that after completing his studies, he joined the Indian Air Force and became a pilot. But probably neither the actor was interested in being a pilot nor it was written in his destiny. That’s why in 1944 he left the job of pilot.

How did you get the first role…
After leaving the job, Rahman Khan started working as a third assistant director in Prabhat Studios. In those days, he used to be an assistant to Vikram Bede. That’s when he got a chance to do a small role in DD Kashyap’s film ‘Chand’. DD Kashyap said that there is a small role in the film, a Pathan is needed who will say a line after the song, tie a Pashtun turban on his head like a Pathan, do this and become famous. At the behest of DD Kashyap, Rahman Khan did this role and really impressed. The actor took about 50 retakes to deliver this one line. After this, it was as if Rahman Khan’s luck was revealed. He worked in many wonderful films like Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam, Waqt, Chaudvi Ka Chand, Hum Ek Hain….

Unique identity created by voice…
At that time, Rahman had already left his mark in the field of acting, but his sonorous voice made a special identity in the hearts of people. His dialogues were made in a powerful voice. Even in front of the biggest actors, Rahman used to act fearlessly and used to speak dialogues. It was because of his voice that Rahman was given such characters which looked like rubbish.

drug addiction killed the voice
It is said that Rehman Khan had become so addicted to drinking alcohol that he developed throat cancer, after which his raucous voice died. During this, the actor also got heart attack 3 times. Then in 1984, after battling a long illness, he said goodbye to this world.

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