Rekha Is In Live In Relationship With Secretary Farzana Book Claims Secretary Is Only Allowed In Bedroom

Rekha Live-In Relationship: Rekha is considered an evergreen actress of Bollywood. Wherever she goes, she adds charm with her presence. Although Rekha’s name was associated with many people in the industry, but her chemistry with Amitabh Bachchan is famous even today. Whenever the actress is spotted wearing vermilion, a question arises in everyone’s mind that why does Rekha wear vermilion even after not being married. Now a shocking revelation has come from Rekha’s book. This biography written by Yasir Usman claims that Rekha is in a live-in relationship with her secretary.

Rekha in live-in relationship with secretary?
The news of Rekha’s relationship with Vinod Khanna and Jitendra made a lot of headlines. After which the news market was hot due to the headlines of the actress’s relationship with Amitabh Bachchan. But do you know that apart from all these in Rekha’s life, there is another person who has made a special place in her heart. She is none other than Rekha’s secretary Farzana. According to the news of Bollywood marriages, this mystery has been revealed in the biography of Rekha written by Yasir Usman. In which it has been told that Rekha’s relationship is with her own secretary. It has also been told in the same book that Farzana is the only person who is allowed to enter Rekha’s bedroom.

Since when is Rekha’s relationship with Farzan going on?
According to the report, in Rekha’s biography, her relationship with Yasir has been going on for the last 30 years. According to the news, Farzana was also one of the reasons behind Rekha’s husband Mukesh Aggarwal’s suicide.

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