Risking life, forest workers rescue leopard: you will be surprised to see VIDEO

Sameer Sheikh, Barwani. The Forest Department team has risked its life to rescue a leopard in village Jalgon under Pansemal forest area of ​​Barwani district of Madhya Pradesh. When the team reached the spot for rescue, the leopard suddenly came down from the tree. But there Aspal could not run away from the crowd of people. While it was day, it was not easy to imprison him in the cage. The first priority of the forest department was to catch and save him from the crowd of people. Which was a difficult task.

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After which the Forest Department team arranged two-faced wood and mesh and then the leopard sitting in the bushes was pressed with wood and tied to the mesh, after which it was caught safely and locked in a cage. During this, a small mistake could have overshadowed the people present there and the forest department team. But here the forest department, showing understanding, rescued the leopard.

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According to the forest department, the age of the leopard is said to be 12 to 15 months. At present, the way the leopard was rescued is a matter of discussion in the area. Because it was an act of great courage to catch a live leopard risking life like this and hence the courage of the forest department team is being discussed across the region.

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