Rivers in spate in MP, lives in danger VIDEO: 6 people trapped in Betwa river, rescue team saved their lives, villagers crossed the swollen river with JCB machine in Vidisha

Dharmendra Thakur, Niwari / Sandeep Sharma, Vidisha. With the onset of monsoon in Madhya Pradesh, the period of heavy rains continues. Due to which the river drain is in spate. In the meanwhile, a matter putting lives at risk has come to the fore from two different districts of the state. The first incident is from Niwari, where 6 people who had gone for a picnic in the Betwa river of Orchha got trapped in the strong current of water. Those who could be rescued and taken out. On the other hand, another case has come to the fore from Vidisha district, where the villagers were made to cross the river with the help of JCB machines, risking their lives.

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6 people trapped in Betwa river in Niwari, rescue team saved their lives
Six people who went for a picnic in the Betwa river of Orchha got trapped in the river. It is being told that the water level of the river had suddenly increased, due to which they were trapped. However, there has been no loss of life and everyone has been rescued. After rains, the weather of Orchha tehsil of Niwari district has become pleasant. Due to this, tourists have started coming here. A group of six such tourists had come on Tuesday to visit Orchha. During this, all of them also went for a picnic on the Betwa river. Here all of them were sitting between the rocks in the middle of the river, then suddenly the water level of Betwa suddenly increased and they all got stuck in the middle of the river.

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The names of the tourists are being told as Shagun, Dilpreet, Sumit, Raj Harshit and Sakshi. As soon as the rescue team got the news of their getting trapped between the rocks, the rescue team and Deepu tribals reached the spot with the boat. It was a matter of pride that all of them came on time, otherwise a big accident could have happened, because the flow of water was so fast that if they were late even for 5-10 minutes, they all would have been washed away. The rescue team rescued all the tourists and brought them safely to the shore.

Villagers crossed the swollen river with JCB machine in Vidisha

Here, due to non-completion of the under-construction bridge over the Kotra river on Haider Garh Garatganj road under Gyaraspur tehsil of Vidisha district, about 1 dozen villages are in trouble. Due to the construction of the bridge, a way was made from the side for the people to leave. But due to incessant rains, the alternative route was washed away, adding to the woes of the people.

At the same time, JCB machine was used to evacuate the people. People were taken to the other side of the river by sitting on top of the JCB machine. The video of taking people risking their lives is going viral on social media. On the other hand, in this regard, the villagers say that about a dozen villages have been cut off from large areas due to high tide in the river. In such a situation, if a person becomes ill, then there will be a lot of difficulty in taking him to a safe hospital.

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