Roads submerged in the first rain in MP, VIDEO: Crossroads became ponds, people caught fish, water filled in community health center, patients are facing trouble

Bhopal. In Madhya Pradesh, the roads turned into ponds in the first monsoon rain itself. Due to the torrential rains, roads and streets were completely submerged in many areas. Chowk intersections and even community health centers have also become ponds. People are facing a lot of problems due to water logging.

The intersections of the capital Bhopal became ponds. At Bhopal Talkies intersection, people caught big fishes from the water filled on the road. Its video has also surfaced, which is becoming increasingly viral on social media. The water of Motia Talab is overflowing due to heavy rains. Due to overflow of pond water, the road comes up. Due to which this type of situation is created every year.

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Here, Porsa Community Health Center of Morena has also become a pond. The entire hospital premises is waterlogged. The administration is not able to drain the water. Patients are reaching the hospital by jumping into the water for treatment. This video is also becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. The officials have kept silence on this video going viral.

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