RPF News: Preparation to please sir on the go… This special officer of the zone took the responsibility of ‘contribution’ from inspectors to 2 to 5 thousand rupees

RPF News: RPF IG of South East Central Railway Zone has been transferred. Some people are sad about his departure and some are celebrating his departure. Some are more worried about the coming sir, it is being said that the coming sir is more ‘expert’ than this one in the matter of protocol.

If the sources are not happy with the IG sir, preparations are on to give a farewell party during his departure. Now the question is who will contribute in this? It is natural that from where the income is earned, the contribution will also come from there.

Sources reveal that the responsibility has been given to a senior from the zone itself, who is famous for his similar works in the entire RPF. He has given the responsibility of this to an inspector. The said inspector is collecting contributions through WhatsApp calls to the inspectors of all the posts in the zone. For this, other inspectors of the said inspector post have been given two days’ time.

RPF sources tell that contributions have also started coming in white envelopes from various police stations.

Contribution is of different levels

It is not that the contribution will be same from all. Different sources have told the amount of contribution differently. According to sources, the amount is between 2 to 5 thousand rupees. At the same time, some inspectors are also waiting that they should get a call for contribution and they should contribute. At the same time, many inspectors are waiting for the invitation to come to the party even after contribution.

Well… Bade Saheb had forbidden for such a party. But his subordinate officers are preparing for a grand party to please him on the go. The party is said to be possible on 19th June. Although this party has been kept confidential, because the officers sitting on the board of RPF have issued a letter advising them not to organize any such party.

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