Ruckus on ‘Jihadi’ in school: Hindu principal told Muslim teacher Jihadi, indecency with peon, staff and villagers made rounds

Renu Agarwal, Dhar. Controversy erupted at CM Rise School, Bakaner in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh when the principal of the school called a Muslim teacher a jihadi on a WhatsApp group. At the same time, he also misbehaved with the servants working in the school. In no time, the matter caught fire and the school staff, students and villagers protested against the principal and blocked the chakka.

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In fact, the principal of the school, Bhagirath Gathiya, called Younis Qureshi, a teacher from the Muslim community teaching in the school, a jihadi and also put it on the WhatsApp group. After which a situation of tension was created in the school and the village. The incident is of Wednesday. Regarding this, the entire school staff, students studying here and villagers came out in protest against the principal and demonstrated fiercely.

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After the advice of social workers and police administration, the protest was called off. The villagers demanded immediate suspension of the principal. Seeing the deteriorating atmosphere here, the principal apologized collectively. On the other hand, the principal alleged that the teacher and the servant had deliberately scratched his car and that he belonged to the Scheduled Castes, so people were conspiring against him. While Bhrtya Sardar Verma and Devisingh told that the principal had stopped them from worshiping Saraswati, and had committed indecency with them.

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In this case, Braj Kant Shukla, Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Welfare Department of Dhar, said that the matter has come to his notice. He said that what he actually said about teacher Qureshi is wrong. Although later he publicly apologized to him, still I will definitely get the investigation done and tell you the reality.

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