Said to CM Baghel- Mother gave me

Feature Story. Mother gave birth to me, father gave shelter, listen to their love and caress, you gave me life. The feelings expressed by these sentimental words are of that eight-year-old daughter Varsha, who had never heard her mother’s voice since birth due to hearing impairment, but now there is no silence in the life of little Varsha.

In the meet-meeting program, the family had presented the problem in front of the CM.

Today Varsha’s emotional family had reached the assembly. He could not think of words to thank the Chief Minister. The daughter solved the problem on her own. The daughter said in her sweet voice, thank you uncle. The Chief Minister caressed the daughter a lot. This girl has got her voice back with cochlear implant.

On the instructions of the Chief Minister, Varsha Bitiya has been successfully implanted in AIIMS Raipur. Little Varsha is hearing her parents’ voices for the first time in her life. For the first time she is calling mother as mother and calling younger brother as Babu. To express this happiness, Varsha’s family reached the Vidhan Sabha today and thanked the Chief Minister.

Rain girl feeling the world of voices

When daughter Varsha, who was feeling the world of voices for the first time, called the Chief Minister as ‘uncle’, the Chief Minister blessed the daughter with great emotion. Expressing gratitude, Varsha’s family presented the Chief Minister’s portrait to him. He said that he will not forget this cooperation throughout his life. The Chief Minister assured the family that every possible help will be given to the daughter in learning new words and linguistic knowledge through speech therapy.

Varsha’s cochlear implant surgery on the instructions of CM

What can be more sad for a mother than that her daughter did not listen to her voice for the last 8 years and perhaps this sorrow of that mother would have remained for life, if Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had not come to Korea during the meeting and the family could not share their grief in front of their head. As a result of this, Varsha underwent cochlear implant surgery on the instructions of the Chief Minister. Today Varsha can hear and feel every voice of her mother and the world.

Help sought for treatment of daughter in meeting

Actually, 8-year-old Varsha had difficulty in hearing and speaking since childhood, due to which she had to face a lot of difficulties. Varsha’s family got her treated a lot, but the pain did not go away. During the meeting in Korea, the family put forth its point in front of Chief Minister Baghel and urged him to cooperate in the treatment of the daughter.

Varsha’s successful cochlear implant surgery

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel immediately directed the officers of the district administration to provide full assistance in the treatment of rain. Varsha’s father Mukesh Mishra told that Varsha was admitted to Raipur AIIMS with the help of the administration. Varsha’s cochlear implant surgery was successfully performed by skilled doctors.

Expressed gratitude to Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel

Father Mishra tells that Varsha has now started listening and is reacting after hearing the voice. Now she is also slowly learning to speak. Varsha’s parents and relatives expressed happiness and said that Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is very sensitive. Today Varsha has got a new life only because of his cooperation. On this occasion, Parliamentary Secretary Chandradev Rai, MLA Vinay Jaiswal, Kuldeep Juneja and Mukesh Mishra, Jyoti Mishra and others were present.

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