Saira Banu Posts New Picture Of Dilip Kumar Says He Liked Her More In Sares Than Salwar Kameez

Saira Banu remembers Dilip Kumar: Actress Saira Banu has recently made her Instagram debut. Sharing a picture of Dilip Kumar on his handle, he mentioned a funny incident. In her latest post, Saira Banu told how Dilip Kumar was talking about sending her to school after seeing her in salwar kameez.

Sharing the picture of Dilip Kumar, Saira Banu wrote- “Saheb often used to wear white on such Jodhpuri collared shirts. I used to ask them to wear shirts of other colors as well. In this he is laughing at me and saying- Look, I am wearing a colour… Yellow shirt, which you like Saira. But on the condition that you promise me to wear fluffy organdy sarees. Not the salwar kameez in which I feel like sending you to school.

Saira Banu made her Instagram debut on Dilip Kumar’s death anniversary

Saira Banu joined Instagram on 7 July. That day was also the death anniversary of her husband Dilip Kumar. In his first Instagram post, he shared several pictures with Dilip Kumar and wrote-

Let me do something for peace of mind

Let me salute those who meet me for a moment

I am not conscious, you give advice

Where should I leave the trap, where should I do everything

After this Saira Banu wrote – I am writing this note especially on 7th July. Heartfelt thanks to my friends, fans and all those people from all over the world who have kept my Kohinoor Dilip Kumar in their memories till date. On the day of 7th July at 7 in the morning, time had also stopped when Dilip had gone to sleep forever.

Saira Banu further wrote- I prayed to the almighty that sir, like I used to tell him often, listen to these ghazals of mine and wake up-

Get up and refresh your mind

Kaha ruka-ruka kadam-e-kainat ki saki

My love is sleeping in a deep sleep that’s why the whole world seems to have stopped, I am repeatedly asking him to wake up, if he wakes up, the whole world will wake up again..

Saira Banu further wrote- Till today every day I feel as if she is still with me. I think that no matter what happens, we still walk together holding each other’s hands and we will continue to walk together like this until the end of time.

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