Salman Khan Ex Girlfriend Somy Ali Again Posted On Her Abusive Relationship Wrote He Has Become A Big Superstar | Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somi Ali again posted on her abusive relationship, wrote

Somy Ali On Her Abusive Relationship: Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend Somi Ali has once again revealed a secret of her life. Somi has written a long cryptic note on social media in which she has talked about her abusive relationship which has now become a big superstar. In the latest post, Somi Ali also lashes out at the superstar’s friend who supported the superstar and ignored him.

Somi has tagged Salman and Subhash Ghai in the post
Sharing a bunch of pictures on Instagram, Somi wrote that she will be asked to delete the post, questioned about her mental condition or gossiped about her drinking problem but she will still tell her truth. Somi used hashtags like Salman Khan, Subhash Ghai, Jiah Khan, Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein in her post. His intention behind such frequent social media posts is not clear.

Somi wrote that questions will be raised on my mental condition
Somi wrote, “I will be asked to delete the post. I will be questioned about my sanity. I will be talked about my drinking problem, yet I will continue. Because you can’t tolerate that kind of humiliation.” And all kinds of torture they have not gone through with abuse. No one took your side because your abuser is a big star and you are his friend. He can make or break your career. You trusted your friends and accepted That they will take a stand for you. You literally told them everything and they have seen it many times.

This horror movie will have a happy ending
Somi further wrote in her post, “Can I add a very nice person who said that the abuser is a very “lovely person”. Remember, I am mentioning an actor for whom I have a lot of respect, but I also know why he is tied up. In this case, you will never silence me and it will end, a horror film with a happy ending. And before you troll and start writing bad words, let me tell you that I do not read them and I do not have time for this.

You do not know the experience I have had, be it good or bad. You are just speculating and being cruel to a person who has done nothing to you. Please give some thought to this, not only for me, but for the many others who are bullied online. Please end it. This has got to stop.

Somi has done such posts earlier also
Let us inform that even before this, Somi had shared many posts talking about the person who misbehaved with her. In one of his interviews, he also gave an example of how Aishwarya Rai had walked away from her abusive relationship in the past.

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