Sana Khan Anas Saiyad Become New Parents Shares Good News With Fans Here Are Details

Sana Khan Anas Saiyad Become New Parents : Sana Khan and Anas Syed have become parents, yes. Sana Khan has a son like Chand. Sana herself shared this good news on her Instagram and gave this good news to her fans. In such a situation, Sana’s fans got very excited after hearing this good news. Sana expressed the happiness of the birth of her child in a very interesting way.

Happiness knocks at Sana Khan’s house

Sana Khan shared a post in which she shared a photo of three palms. On seeing the picture, it was understood that the good news has knocked at Sana’s house. A video has been shared in the post, in which the sound of reciting the verse is heard in the background. It was written in Sana’s video- ‘Allah Tala wrote in Muqaddar, then completed it and made it easy. And when Allah gives, he gives with joy and happiness. So Allah Ta’ala gave us a son.’

What did Sana Khan and Anas Syed say

After having a baby, Anas and Sana shared the post for their fans and wrote in the caption- ‘Hope Allah make us better than us in the days to come, so that we can raise our child well. He is the trust of Allah to make him better. Thank you all for your prayers and love.

Anas Syed went to perform Haj, prayed to Allah, accepted

Anaj Syed had gone on Hajj, wife Sana was waiting for her husband when he would come from Mecca. In such a situation, Sana had made excellent arrangements to welcome her husband. Sana had decorated the whole house on the joy of his coming after Hajj. Only then Anas and Sana got this good news.

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