Sana Khan Could Not Bend During Pregnancy Her Mother Tied Her Shoelaces Actress Shared Video

Sana Khan On Her Mother: A little guest is going to come soon to the house of actress Sana Khan and Anas Sayyed. The due date of the actress is in July. Sana looks very active during her pregnancy phase and keeps sharing every update related to her life with her fans on social media. Currently, Sana has written a lovely post sharing a video of her mother and has told how her mother is taking care of her in every way.

Mother tied the shoelaces of pregnant Sana Khan
Her mother is taking care of pregnant Sana Khan in every way. In such a situation, the actress has posted a video on her Instagram in which she is seen sitting upstairs wearing a burqa and her mother is seen tying her shoelaces. In fact, Sana was having trouble bending down, so her mother tied her shoelaces. During this, Sana also looks a bit emotional after seeing this love of her mother.

Sana wants to give a lot of love to her children
Posting this lovely video, Sana wrote, “My mother tying my shoelaces so that I can go for a walk. There is no love more honest and selfless than a mother’s love.” Sana writes further. Had to post this because we always forget the love and sacrifices they make for us. No matter how old you are, you will always be a little kid to them. I was crying then and am still crying when I am watching this video and writing this. I can’t wait to give that same love back to my child and I really hope to be at least half like him.”

Many trolled Sana’s post, many supported it
While some have showered love on Sana’s post, some have also trolled her, one user wrote, “If you love your mother, delete the post.” Another user wrote, “Allah allah…she is pregnant…she can’t tie her laces so her mother is helping her…shame on all those who are misinterpreting the situation .” Another wrote, “Masha Allah… I know you will have many negative comments but people don’t understand that this is your 3rd trimester and it is very difficult for pregnant women to sit and stand…”

Please tell that Sana’s delivery date is in July. That is, in a few days there will be echoes in his house. At present, Sana and Anas are enjoying their phase a lot.

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