Sana Khan Was Upset In The Last Days Of Pregnancy Said I Have To Struggle To Sleep At Night | Sana Khan was upset in the last days of pregnancy, said

Sana Khan Insomniac: Sana Khan is going to be a mother soon. The actress constantly shares her pregnancy journey with fans on social media and also keeps giving her health updates. Sana once again released a series of videos on social media and told that in the last phase of pregnancy, she is not only having difficulty in offering Namaz, but also has a problem of not sleeping. In the video, the actress told that she tries hard to sleep at night but she cannot sleep.

Sana has problem of sleeplessness in pregnancy
Sana further tells in the video that either she is unable to sleep for hours or she feels very lazy when she sleeps. Not only this, Sana has also given a message to her fans and mothers. She said, “I don’t know what’s happening but I feel insomniac lately. I struggle a lot to sleep at night. Sometimes I can’t sleep. I sleep during the day and then I’m very tired.” Hua and feel lazy.

Sana gave this advice to all mothers-to-be
Sana further said, “I have another message for all those women who are expecting a child, you people should read Namaz daily. I try to do the same every day.”

Sana married Anas in 2020
Please tell that Sana’s husband Anas is currently in Hajj, the holy city of Saudi Arabia to celebrate Umrah. The actress recently posted a video call screenshot with him and told how she celebrated Umrah through video call. She also thanked husband Anas for keeping her on the video call. Sana Khan married Anas Sayyed in November 2020. The actress left showbiz in October 2020 to follow her religious path.

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