Sarva Adivasi Samaj is gearing up for the assembly elections, will field candidates with ‘Abki Baar Adivasi Sarkar’…

Lalit Singh Thakur, Rajnandgaon. The candidates of Chhattisgarh Sarv Adivasi Samaj will contest the upcoming assembly elections with the slogan ‘Abki Baar Adivasi Sarkar’. President of Sarv Adivasi Samaj and former Union Minister Arvind Netam said this in a discussion with the media.

Former Union Minister Arvind Netam interacted with the media at Rajnandgaon Press Club. During this, he has said that the interest of the tribals is not being taken care of by the central and state governments. Even after joining the government, the people of the tribal society are working like bonded laborers of the government, and are not taking care of the interest of the tribals.

He said that the society has been fighting for its rights for years. For this reason, apart from the 29 reserved seats in this assembly elections, we will field candidates from the society on other such seats, where there is majority of tribal society. He said that apart from the reserved seats, if there is anyone from the general category on other seats, he will also be made his candidate and fielded in the assembly elections.

Delegates failed to meet expectations

Arvind Netam said that they could not fulfill the expectations from the public representatives of the society and are not able to raise the issue of the society. We were forced by all the governments, then the Sarv Adivasi Samaj is going to field its candidates in the assembly elections. On the other hand, regarding the issue of conversion, he said that in the case of conversion, the governments of both the parties should together change the law.

The cause of Naxalism is poverty and hunger

Regarding the issue of Naxalism, he said that the cause of Naxalism is poverty and hunger. If there is poverty and hunger, Naxalism will arise. Political ideology cannot be ended at the point of gun, if it has to be eradicated from the root, then planning will have to be done according to the journalists who write about Naxalite problems. The level of education has to be increased in these areas. He said that if the mind and stomach are empty, then Naxalism will fill.

32 percent reservation was to be met in 2001

Arvind Netam said that 32% reservation was to be given in the year 2001, which was not given. In the delimitation, 5 reserved seats for tribals were removed, and the rule of PESA law was made after a very long wait. But in that rule, the authority of the Gram Sabha has been abolished. Sarv Adivasi Samaj is preparing to field candidates for the interest of tribals in the assembly elections, while on the other hand there is also a preparation to surround the central and state governments.

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