Satpura Tiger Reserve: Red alert after the beheaded corpse of a tiger, here tourists are being crossed in Panna Tiger Reserve, Video

Amritanshi Joshi, Bhopal. A red alert has been issued after the headless body of a tiger was found in the area of ​​Satpura Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The Central Wildlife Crime Control Bureau has issued an alert. An alert has also been issued in Pench and Satpura Tiger Reserves of Madhya Pradesh.

A red alert has been issued anticipating the possibility of organized poaching gangs becoming active. Along with Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and Bihar are also included. The bureau has alerted the authorities of Tiger Reserve National Park sanctuaries in the states. In view of the activism of poachers, instructions have been given to take special vigilance and increase patrolling inside and outside the protected area. There are also instructions to strengthen the informer system and to conduct ground visits to the officers. On June 26, a dead body of a tiger with its neck cut was found in the reservoir of Satpura Tiger Reserve in the state.

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Amidst the dangers, tourists are being made to cross river drains

Nilamraj Sharma, Panna. The scenes you are seeing in the video are not of any water sports, but of boom due to excessive rains inside Panna Tiger Reserve. Taking the risk, tourists are being made to cross the river and drain. On the day of the closure of Panna Tiger Reserve, the vehicles of many tourists got stuck between the big drains inside the forest due to rain. The Tiger Reserve usually closes on June 30, but due to heavy rains, it is decided to close even earlier. This time, due to the park being open even after the rain, adverse conditions were created, but no accident took place, it is a matter of relief.

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