Sav retaliated on the Chief Minister’s statement, said-

Sandeep Singh Thakur, Lormi. BJP State President and Bilaspur Lok Sabha MP Arun Sav Lormi remained on the tour. During this, Arun Saw retaliated on CM Baghel’s statement that BJP has no face other than Om Mathur. He said that Bhupesh Baghel should worry about his party, whether he is a face in his party or not.

Apart from this, he said that the Parliamentary Board of the Bharatiya Janata Party decides whether the face will be there or not. Saw said that Baghelji has already accepted defeat, when the assembly elections will be held in November, then the departure of the Congress from Chhattisgarh is certain.

On the other hand, Arun Sao gave tips to the BJP workers present in this program to win the upcoming assembly elections and was also charged for better work.

Apart from this, on the statement on the cancellation of religious conversions by the Congress government in Karnataka, it was said that the Congress has always done injustice, oppression and politics of appeasement with the Hindu society. The repeal of the conversion law is a reflection of this, it is not appropriate in the national interest.

Let us tell you that Tiffin meeting and senior workers attended the conference function held at Teli Mohtra. Meanwhile, he addressed the workers including the BJP office bearers. BJP’s state organization minister Pawan Sai was also present mainly in this program.

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