Screws on poachers, abundance of guns, indigenous gun factory

Purushottam Patra, Gariaband. There was a lot of poachers on the Chhattisgarh-Odisha border, there was a lot of guns from the country’s gun factory, about which the anti-poaching team got to know. Continuous raids are going on in different areas. Poachers are being clamped down. To save the forest and wildlife, the team has started Operation Sanctuary. The raid in the country’s gun factory has created a stir. 3 poachers are in custody and search is on for the kingpin.

In fact, on June 21, under the instructions of deputy commissioner Varun Jain, the anti-poaching team of Udanti Sita River Sanctuary has now reached Kalahandi to nab the accused who seized weapons from poachers. A joint operation was conducted with the DFO Gajanand Dewangan here.

The team raided Mangalpur village situated in the mountains above the Indravati dam in Jayapatna police station area. Country Bharmar is made in this village. The weapons recovered from the accused arrested in Koyba and Navrangpur districts on June 13 were said to have been procured from Mangalpur.

The poachers had also done online money transfer for this. On the basis of facts obtained from the caught poachers, the joint team had earlier detained 5 people on 21st. Out of that, 3 were taken to Bhavani Patna Forest Headquarters for questioning. Weapon-making material, a tooth (of a tiger species animal) and remains of some wild animals have also been seized from the suspects.

The main accused in the case is still absconding. Varun Jain said that the investigation is still going on. Bhavani Patna administration is taking action in this. After the completion of the inquiry, apart from the Forest Act, action will be taken under the Arms Act in Odisha itself. Till now the Kalahandi Forest Administration has not given any official information in the matter.

Weapons are made before independence

Local expert Sheshdev Behera told that indigenous weapons were made in Mangalpur even before independence. King Umashankar Dev of Jayapatna Raj Gharana had established the Bindhani family. At that time hunting was common, then the settled families used to make Bharmar and other weapons and give them to the princes. If restrictions were imposed over time, adequate resources were made available to connect them with other employment.

Some members of the family are still doing the prohibited work of making weapons. The police have also taken action from time to time. It is said that hunters from faraway places come to him to make weapons. Indigenous weapons ranging from 5 thousand to 20 thousand are made.

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