Sharad Kelkar Stammer Issue Makes Him Under Confident Now Actor Is The Rock Solid Voice Of Prabhas First In Bahubali Now In Adipurush

Sharad Kelkar Is Behind Of Bahubali-Adipurush Star Prabhas Strong Voice : Sharad Kelkar is the only name who left a special impression in the audience even though he was not seen in Rajamouli’s Baahubali. There was none other than Sharad Kelkar behind the powerful voice of Prabhas in the film. As soon as you hear the voice of Sharad Kelkar, you start trembling. When the first part of Bahubali was released, Sharad Kelkar’s voice shook the theatres. Now once again Sharad Kelkar has become the voice of Prabhas, it is the turn of Adipurush.

Sharad Kelkar’s roar echoed again in the theater from the film Adipurush

The film Adipurush was discussed for a long time. Now the film has been released. Fans are already mesmerized by the stellar cast of the film. It is enough to have Prabhas in the film, but this film takes off when Sharad Kelkar’s voice resonates in it. Sharad Kelkar had earlier given voice for Amarendra Bahubali in the film Bahubali. Now for actor Prabhas, he has been heard giving his voice for the character of Raghav. Fans are not realizing that Sharad is speaking dialogues in Hindi, not Prabhas on the screen.

Those who have seen Baahubali movie are witnesses to the fact that it was unimaginable that Sharad’s voice has been used to play Amarendra Baahubali on screen. And this time again the magic of this voice has worked and the dialogues dubbed in Hindi for Prabhas are resonating in theatres. Let me tell you, today Sharad is giving his voice in a project worth crores. But there was a time when actor Sharad used to get beaten because of this voice.

Sharad Kelkar had difficulty in speaking

Today, the actor giving his voice in crores of films is undoubtedly making the fans crazy, but there was a time when Sharad had trouble with this voice. He could not speak. Couldn’t say a single sentence properly. He had a stuttering problem. Because of which he used to be underconfident. He could not express his anger, because he stuttered even when he was angry. In such a situation, he used to keep his words in his mind. Because of this, he also started having anger issues. But then the actor paid attention to his problem and worked a lot on himself. After which today Sharad Kelkar has become an inspiration for such people, who have difficulty in speaking.

When Prabhas hugged Sharad

Hindi film Nani which is Hindi adaptation of Telugu film Dasara. Sharad Kelkar has given his voice for this film as well. Sharad told in an interview to TOI that Prabhas thanked Sharad for being his voice behind the scenes and hugged him and said that he did a great job. Sharad had said that he considers this comment received by Prabhas as the biggest comment.

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