Shoaib Ibrahim Celebrates Eid In The Hospital With Wife Dipika Kakar And Son Shares Family Picture

Shoaib Ibrahim Eid Photo: TV couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are enjoying parenthood these days. Deepika gave birth to a son on 21 June. After which Shoaib gave information about becoming a father on social media. Shoaib Deepika’s baby is still in NICU. That’s why Deepika is still in the hospital. This time Shoaib has celebrated the first Eid with his son in the hospital. He has shared pictures of Eid celebrations on social media. Which are becoming very viral.

Shoaib has shared a family photo. In which Shoaib Deepika, Shoaib’s mother and cousin are seen. Deepika is wearing a blue outfit and her head is covered. Shoaib posted a heart emoji while sharing the photo.

photo went viral
This Eid is very special at Shoaib’s house. Seeing whose photo, the fans have become very happy. Fans are waiting to see a glimpse of Shoaib-Deepika’s Chhotu. Fans want to know who their baby has gone to.

Please tell that Shoaib and Deepika got a surprise on their birthday. In fact, Deepika had to be taken to the hospital shortly after everyone had returned home after celebrating Shoaib’s birthday. After that he was shifted to another hospital for C-section. Deepika’s health is fine now. Although she is not being discharged from the hospital to be with her son.

When will Deepika be discharged
Shoaib and Deepika recently told about the delivery in their vlog. Shoaib had told the reason for the delay in Deepika’s discharge in the vlog. He said- Baby’s health is improving day by day. There is only one reason for the delay in Deepika’s discharge. Dipika has to give milk to the baby. We live on Mira Road and the hospital is in Bandra, so it is very difficult to bring milk from there. That’s why Deepika’s discharge is getting delayed.

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