Shoaib Ibrahim Dipika Kakar Son Getting Well Shares Updates In Vlog Actor Calls Him The Best Eidi | Improvement in health of Deepika and Shoaib’s son, actress said

Dipika-Shoaib Son’s Health Update: Power couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar have become parents. The actress gave birth to a son on June 20 itself, although her son is in the NICU due to pre-mature delivery. In such a situation, Shoaib, Deepika and their entire family are waiting to take the child home. Meanwhile, Deepika and Shoaib celebrated the festival of Bakrid in the hospital itself and shared a new vlog with their fans on this occasion.

Dipika and Shoaib have become parents for the first time and have celebrated Eid-ul-Adha, the first festival with their son. While sharing a new vlog on his YouTube channel, Shoaib informed that he is staying in the hospital with his wife Dipika while managing his shoots. During this, Deepika told that her Chhotu (son) is recovering fast. His diet has increased and he is very happy to see the bonding of Shoaib and Chhotu.

Couple celebrated Eid in the hospital
In her vlog, Dipika says, “It gives me immense pleasure to see Chhotu and see him bonding with Shoaib… He is slowly recovering, now we can see his face clearly… Please tell that the couple celebrated Eid in the hospital itself and during this time their entire family reached the hospital to meet them. Dipika and Shoaib visited the NICU on the occasion of Eid to meet their son.

Told son the biggest Idi
On the other hand, Deepika’s mother-in-law, who came to meet her daughter-in-law on Eid, asked her son Shoaib to give Idi to Deepika. On this, Shoaib said, ‘Deepika gave me the biggest Idi this year as our Chhotu, now what will I give her…’ However, Shoaib gave nose pins to his wife as Idi. In the vlog, Deepika told that these are the same nose pins she was trying to buy and she started labor pain. Regarding this, Shoaib said that he should frame the nose pins as they are very important in his life.

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