Shoaib Ibrahim Juggling With Shoot And Kid Ajooni Actress Ayushi Khurana Reacts | How is Shoaib Ibrahim managing between shoot and family? Ajuni co-actor said

Shoaib Ibrahim News: Actor Shoaib Ibrahim and Deepika Kakkar are in Happy Space these days. He is enjoying parenthood. Deepika gave birth to a son in the month of June. This was pre mature delivery of Deepika. Now Shoaib’s co-actor Aayushi Khurana told how Shoaib is managing between shoots and family after the arrival of the baby. The actress told that because of Shoaib, there have been many changes in the shooting schedule.

How is Shoaib managing between home and shoot?

The actress said, ‘Shoaib is managing well between his father’s duty and shoot. Along with this, the production house is also managing everything from Shoaib’s timing very well. So that they can spend quality time with their child. I think everything is being managed well.

Due to Shoaib, the schedule of the actress was affected?

Is being a co-star affecting your schedule as well? On this the actress said, ‘Yes there have been a lot of changes in the schedule of the shoot. Shoaib said that he would be able to shoot only for 15 days in a month. Our shift timings have been reduced from 12 hours to 10 hours. That’s why most of the time my pack up is also done with them and I get holidays like them. Most of our scenes are together. That’s why I used to work for 23-24 days in a month and now I am working for 15-16 days. A lot has changed.

Please inform that Shoaib is playing the lead role in the show Ajuni. Ayushi Khurana is in her opposite role in the show.

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