Shoaib Ibrahim Quits From Ajooni Is It Wife Dipika Kakkar Was Against TV Actors Decision Know Details

Shoiab Ibrahim Quit Ajooni: Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar have recently become new parents. In such a situation, Deepika and Shoaib are very happy that their world is complete. Now Shoaib has decided that he will give all his time to Deepika and the child. Shoaib says that during pregnancy, Shoaib could not give time to Deepika.

Told the makers of Ajuni, I am leaving the show: Shoaib Ibrahim
Recently, Shoaib Ibrahim told the makers of his show Ajuni that he is leaving the show. The reason behind this is that he has become a new father, in such a situation he has to take care of Deepika while he also has to spend time with his child. He told the fans through his YouTube video that I am telling you all this for the first time, earlier I felt like this, I could not stay with Deepika for 9 months during the whole pregnancy.

I have tried as much as possible to make time for Deepika after taking time off from the shoot. But now this is the time where Deepika and the child need me. It happens in our field that there is no age group here, we can work in any age. I discussed this with Deepika, but she was not ready for it.

Shoaib said that he wants to give full time to Deepika for 3-4 months.
Shoaib said that I told Deepika that I have to spend the first three to four months with you and the child. After that I will join again. After this I told my production house (Ajuni) that such is the situation and I will have to leave. They could not say anything on my decision, what to say.

Still, I would like to thank my production house that they came and sat near me and told me that Shoaib Bhai, we understand your decision, you are absolutely correct, we are with you in this. But there must be some other way for this, right? You try to find a way, we try to adjust it and this will be our contribution to your fatherhood. We do not want you to leave this show. That line touched me a lot. To be honest, in today’s date, there is no such production house which says that we will adjust.

In such a situation, Deepika had told Shoaib that I had already said that I do not want to leave the show. On this, Shoaib told that I said, “What should I do, I leave at 7 in the morning, I come at 11.30 in the evening, when will I give you time.” After having a child, everyone’s attention goes towards the child. Forgetting the mother, many things like postpartum depression happen. Who will stay with her, for that lady she has only husband. I am not worried about the child, for the child there is Ammi, there is Deepika, there is Deepika’s mother. But for Deepika, I am the one who will take care of her.

What is Shoaib’s decision about Ajuni now?

Shoaib told that after the way the makers told him a heart-touching talk, he has decided not to leave the show, the makers have reduced his shift hours and have also provided him holidays.

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