Sholay Nasbandi Aandhi Kissa Kursi Ka These Films Were Banned During Emergency

Movies Suffered During Emergency: About 48 years ago, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had declared Emergency in the country. That period of Emergency is considered as the black chapter in the history of Indian democracy. In a single stroke, India was transformed from a democracy to a dictatorship.

Don’t know how many cruel decisions were taken at that time, from general rights to press censorship and mass sterilization. Not only this, the government of that time had also controlled the film industry and the censor board started working according to the instructions of the government. Today we will tell you about some such films which had a great impact during the Emergency.

cinder Hindi cinema’s blockbuster film ‘Sholay’ had to suffer huge losses due to Emergency. In fact, in the last part of the film, it is shown that Thakur Baldev Singh is about to kill Gabbar, when the police comes there and reminds him that he was once a police officer. That’s why they should respect the law. Then Thakur hands over Gabbar to the police. Although the film’s director Ramesh Sippy did not want this. In fact, he had earlier shown in the film that Thakur kills Gabbar. But the censor board got the climax changed in the interest of the rule of law.

Storm- Something similar happened with Sanjeev Kumar and Suchitra Sen starrer film ‘Aandhi’. Which was banned during the Emergency. Actually this film depicted the life of Indira Gandhi and how she had a relationship with her separated husband.

But when the film was banned, the excitement of watching it increased even more in the audience. Then in the year 1977, after the defeat of Congress, the Janata Party government approved the release of this film and it was premiered on the government television channel.

story of chair According to the news, the story of this film was based on Emergency. Which was made by Amrit Nahata in 1974. Then the government banned it in the year 1975. Not only this, the government had also confiscated all the prints of this film.

Vasectomy In this 1978 film, the excesses during the Emergency were depicted. Ice. Duplicates of all the popular heroes of that time acted in this film directed by Johar. After the release of the film, it was banned because of showing the Indira Gandhi government in a bad way. Despite this, the film gained a lot of popularity through home video and satellite broadcast.

Let us tell that apart from films, the government had also banned many songs of Kishore Kumar from All India Radio and Doordarshan. It is said that his songs were banned because he refused to attend the Indian National Congress rally in Mumbai.

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