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Mukesh Unknown Facts: On July 22, 1923, a star appeared in Dilwalon Ki Delhi. His full name was Mukesh Chandra Mathur. Since childhood, Mukesh was not interested in studies, but he loved to sing songs. In the Birth Anniversary Special, we are telling you the story of Mukesh becoming a singer.

Left studies after 10th

Rame Mukesh had said goodbye to the school only after the 10th in the tune of music objecting to reading and writing. After this, he also worked in PWD for some time, but did not leave music. Alam at that time was that people often used to request him to sing songs and Mukesh never disappointed those people. This habit of singing made him travel to Mumbai.

Opened the way to Mumbai by singing songs to baratis

It so happened that Mukesh’s sister was getting married. When the Baratis came to know about his sweet voice, they requested him to sing. Mukesh, who was engaged in taking care of the guests, decorated such a party that the baratis kept dancing the whole night. The next day in the morning, a person present in the Baratis reached Mukesh’s father and told him that your son sings very well. I want to take it to Mumbai and make it sing in films. This person was none other than Motilal, a famous actor of that era.

Mukesh also became a hero in the film

Mukesh’s father did not agree even after Motilal’s request. However, he continued to persuade his father and one day he allowed Mukesh to go to Mumbai. Mukesh reached Mumbai in the year 1940 and in 1941 he sang the song Dil hi bujha hua ho to bhi in the film Nindosh. Along with this, he also acted in this film. Mukesh did not work as an actor, but his voice cast a spell on everyone. At the same time, the song Dil Jalta Hai To Jalne Do from the film Pehli Nazar, released in 1945, brought him to the heights of fame.

ran away from home and got married

Mukesh’s love story was also completely filmy. He was in love with Sarla Trivedi, whose father was a millionaire. At that time Mukesh did not have any means of earning, due to which Sarla’s father was not at all ready for this relationship. In such a situation, Mukesh had to run away from home and marry Sarla. Actor Motilal and Mukesh’s friend RD Mathur helped a lot in this marriage.

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