Sir…is this a road or a pond? Leaders, officials to whom should they tell their request, it is difficult to leave the house, complaints go in the dustbin, the disease may not affect the human being?

Sandeep Singh Thakur, Lormi. In Saraiptera village under Lormi district panchayat of Mungeli district, the road has turned into a pond due to lack of drainage system. Despite complaints from public representatives including officials, the problem has not been resolved yet.

There is no drainage channel for the water coming out of the houses in Saraipatera village. This causes water to accumulate on the road. This situation becomes worse during the rainy season. Due to accumulation of excess water on the road, this water starts entering back into people’s homes.

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In fact, the Swachh Bharat Mission scheme is being openly flouted in Saraipatera village under Lormi Janpad Panchayat of the district. Due to lack of drainage facility in the Gram Panchayat, the villagers are facing a lot of difficulties in transportation.

Due to non-construction of drain in Ward No. 6 of Gram Panchayat Saraiptera, water for domestic use has filled the road in front of the houses of the villagers, due to which the villagers are facing difficulty in living.

On the other hand, regarding this problem, the villagers have given a written memorandum to Lormi SDM and demanded to solve the problem soon. Due to the jam of dirty water on the road of the village, there is a danger of spreading serious disease among the people.

Regarding this, more than a dozen villagers of the Gram Panchayat have submitted a memorandum to the SDM demanding immediate construction of a drain at the said site, expressing the possibility of disease.

The villagers have said in the memorandum that on the proposal of the Gram Panchayat, approval has been given to construct a raw drain under MNREGA, on which a demand has been made to demarcate the site by marking it, so that the raw drain can be constructed soon. However, it has to be seen till when the problem of the villagers is resolved.

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