Sir’s new order for RPF Inspectors… This work will have to be done at least twice in 3 shifts…

Prateek Chauhan. Raipur. After the arrival of new RPF sir, now a new order has been issued to the inspectors by the sir of Bilaspur Railway Division. Although the new order has been posted in the official WhatsApp group, no written order has been issued.

Sources in the RPF office reveal that orders have been issued by the Bilaspur Railway Division to all the inspectors to inspect the railway station at least twice in three shifts and look for unauthorized persons and either expel them from the railway station or take action against them. Although the order is commendable from the point of view of the security of the railway station. But the inspectors will have to face the most trouble in following this order.

According to RPF sources, inspectors will now inspect the entire railway station twice between 6 am to 2 pm, twice from 2 pm to 10 pm and twice from 10 am to 6 am and take photographs and post these photos in a new WhatsApp group.

That is, now the inspectors doing duty in RPF will get to sleep only on Sundays, although it is not clear whether they have to send photos after inspection on Sundays as well or not.

Played on Sundays as well published the news on Sunday itself and told that after the arrival of the new IG, now the inspectors will have to compulsorily take leave every Sunday. This is good to hear, but the game behind this was told by an inspector of Delhi Railway Division to on the condition of anonymity.

He told that the order of leave of inspectors every Sunday is not a new thing. But the IG of South East Central Railway zone has made it mandatory, that is, even if the Inspector does departmental work on Sunday, his leave will not count and he will have to take CL to take one day’s week off, which is available only 15 times in a year.

The said inspector told that this order is the most troublesome for the inspectors of the post who may have to do their duty at any time, but on paper that day will be considered as their holiday.

The said inspector also said that this is a policy matter. DG RPF should take cognizance.

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